Raise Your Property’s Appeal. And NOI.

Kitchens and baths make a powerful impression on prospective residents, positive or negative. Qwikkit has a track record of delivering happier residents and higher rents.

Enter your community’s information into our ROI calculator and see your potential profits.

Property Owners And Manager Count On Us When:

  • They need an EASY solution for their renovation.
  • They have a tight budget.
  • Competition for residents requires a renovation.
  • They want to increase property NOI.
  • They have a short window for upgrades.
  • They need an occupancy boost.

We Make High Quality Easy!

  • Better Looking and more Durable Products than the competition. No delamination!
  • Shortest Lead Time in the industry. Kits ship in about a week, so you don’t lose money on unrentable units.
  • Our Complete Kits are simple to order, and your maintenance team can install them.  There’s no need for an expensive contractor.
  • Next Day shipment of any parts orders.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Makeovers Made Easy

  • Website catches errors and saves your choices for easy reordering.
  • Kits packaged in suitcase cartons for easy handling and distribution.
  • Series of five, 2-minute, easy to follow, instructional videos.
  • Custom tools to simplify installation and assure quality.
  • Drawer fronts pre-drilled for pulls, saving time and preventing mistakes.
  • Kits include exact number of hinges and pulls needed in each unit.
  • Each part labeled with its destination in the unit.

The three common reasons refacing won’t work for your community.

Not all communities are good candidates for refacing because of issues with their cabinets. There are three common reasons that we can’t work with a community:

  • The cabinets are made of metal. (We only work with wooden cabinets),
  • The cabinet boxes are rotten, moldy, or water damaged.,
  • The cabinets have a frame around the front made of fiberboard, particleboard, or plywood, instead of solid wood. (These frames don’t hold screws very well.)

Do your cabinets have any of these issues? If so, you might want to consider repainting or replacing your cabinets instead of refacing. Here is a handy guide to assist in determining the best path forward for your cabinets.

Have A Preferred Distributor?

We are proud to partner with the nation’s top distributors. A Qwikkit cabinet refacing kit is a winning solution for renovating multifamily cabinets.

HD Supply


“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you guys for everything your company has done us here at Prime. The extra effort that Jennifer & Jonathon and all the rest of you there have given us has been extremely helpful. Not to mention your pricing has helped us save a quite a few dollars. I know I can be a little irritating every once in a while, yet you guys always come thru for me. I consider myself lucky to have ran into you guys at the NAA event a couple years ago, and took a chance to start doing business with you guys. We really appreciate everything you guys have done so far, and look forward to much more business moving forward.”

Danny Ortiz, Prime Residential

“Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your help with getting us the doors on time and promptly. We would have missed our move in dates without everything your production people do to make it happen.
I know that your crew must have had to let other work slide on our behalf so you must be feeling swamped right now.

The team thanks you and so do I.

I can’t stress enough that we couldn’t have been so successful without all of your efforts to help.”

David Vasquez, HM Equity

“We were impressed by their knowledge and expertise, and Qwikkit’s willingness to work with us on our specific challenges and issues. They really understand partnership.”

Kate Skaggs, Olympus

“With Qwikkit, we know we are always getting consistent, high quality cabinet fronts. We know we can count on Qwikkit to deliver each order on time, so that no unit turn is delayed. But what truly makes Qwikkit such a valuable industry partner is their attentiveness to our specific needs as a company and their flexibility to help us meet our goals.”

Samuel Block, Redwood Construction

“Qwikkit has been a great renovation partner of Timberland over the last few years. They are fast, affordable, and have customer service next to none! I wouldn’t recommend any other company when it comes to cabinet refacing.”

Rick Fox, Timberland Partners

“We have been using Qwikkit for about 18 months now for our cabinet door projects. Tanner and his team are fantastic to work with and the product is beautiful. From the easy order form to the presorted delivery that shows up quick, they really have put the total package together. Qwikkit will continue to be a part of our interior renovation program for many years to come!”

Ronnie Hutchins, Night Owl Contractors

“We have a lot of competition, but when we started using Qwikkit kits, and our occupancy went from 87% to 98% in three months. We filled up even faster than I hoped. And we are still averaging more than $2,000 monthly rent.”

Marta Garcia, Greystar Miramar Townhomes